This insurance analyst makes $62,000 a year. How does she spend it?

“Groceries are so expensive that I rely more on takeout”

By Teagan Sliz| Photography by Brittany Carmichael
This insurance analyst makes $62,000 a year. How does she spend it?

Who: Bryanna Payne, 23 What she does: She’s a benefits analyst at an insurance brokerage and a part-time tutor What she makes: $62,000 Where she lives: A two-bedroom apartment on Blue Jays Way, with a roommate

Regular Expenses

Rent: $1,675 a month. “My bedroom is the smaller of the two, so I pay slightly less.”

Utilities and Wi-Fi: $112 a month.

Cell: $54 with Freedom Mobile. “I got it because it covers both Canada and the US, so when I travel, I don’t have to drop an extra $10 a day.”

Groceries: $100 a month. “Groceries are so expensive that I’ve been relying more on takeout. I may eat a rice cake with peanut butter and a banana as a midday snack.”

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Takeout: $240 a month. “I try to be conscious about my spending, because delivery adds up. One morning, I woke up, saw my Uber Eats bill and deleted the app.”

Coffee: $40 a month. “I’ll treat myself to a cappuccino about twice a week at either Dineen, Impact Kitchen or Zaza Espresso Bar.”

Transit: $10 to $20 a month. “I do a lot of walking.”

Gym membership: $250 a month at Equinox. “Working out is a priority for me—I do it six days a week—so I don’t mind paying more for a high-end gym.”

Website: $30 a month. “I took environmental studies during my undergrad, and I recently started an eco-biography site—a blog where I track my observations.”

Savings: $800 a month.

The living room of a two-bedroom apartment on Blue Jays Way
The kitchen
Bad with Money by Gaby Dunn
Bryanna Payne in her bedroom
Recent Splurges

Italian leather bag: $292. “I bought it on sale at the Winners near Front and Church. It’s great for going to work and the gym.”


Trip to Kingston: $140. “I took Via out there to watch my sister’s dance recital.”

Nicki Minaj concert: $100. “A couple at the door was selling an extra ticket, and I talked them down from $150.”

Hoka running shoes: $192. “I lost my last pair at a work-event coat check. I wear these new ones everywhere.”


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