Coming soon to Toronto: griping about the TTC to music

Coming soon to Toronto: griping about the TTC to music

This will in no way get old quickly: Harbourfront Centre wants to join the ranks of such great international cities as, um, Chicago and Birmingham, and put on a complaints choir. For the uninitiated (as we were, until we did a few minutes of googling), a complaints choir basically rounds up a bunch of aggravations and puts them to song. So you get things like the original Birmingham Complaints choir, seen here. We can’t wait until they put one together for Toronto. If people weren’t sick of complaints about the TTC from this election season, they will be when they’re made into ring tones.

A suggestion:

Why didn’t the bus driver wait for me, he could see me running hard
Now I’m waiting in the cold, wishing I’d voted Ford.

OK, it doesn’t quite rhyme, but we’re not songwriters. Other ideas: “(Sarah Thomson/Rocco Rossi/John Tory/David Miller) Should Be Mayor,” “The Apple Store Never has iPhones in Stock” and “My Latte Is Taking Too Long.”

Feel free to submit your own.

• Toronto Complaints Choir [Harbourfront Centre]