City of Toronto will not pay for Corey Haim’s funeral; Corey Feldman will not attend

City of Toronto will not pay for Corey Haim’s funeral; Corey Feldman will not attend

It looks as though a portion of Toronto’s newly discovered, or at least newly announced, millions will not be spent on Corey Haim’s funeral. This despite the fact that Haim lived in this city until he hit puberty, and then sporadically returned to befriend bar patrons and get tattoos.

In an interview with Access Hollywood over the weekend, Haim’s mother, Judy, claimed that the city was graciously subsidizing the funeral costs of the bankrupt star. Like many municipalities, Toronto will help cover the funeral costs of a resident whose estate does not contain the resources to do so; an application must be filed on behalf of the resident and will be assessed by a city caseworker.

But according to this morning’s press release, “The City of Toronto has never received an application for assistance with the funeral costs for Mr. Haim,” and as such “confirms no involvement in funeral costs for Mr. Haim.” Normally, the city wouldn’t comment on this salacious sort of thing, the release says, but “as a result of these ongoing reports, the City of Toronto wishes to ensure the facts are properly available.”

The Haim family isn’t completely without support; celebrity memorabilia site has donated about $20,000 to help with the costs. Haim will be buried in his hometown, and a private service will be held on Tuesday at the Steeles Memorial Chapel in Thornhill.

Long-time friend and teen rival Corey Feldman announced today that he will not attend the funeral because Haim’s family wants to make it a small, private affair, which is probably why they’ve announced the details of the service to Access Hollywood.

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