Chris Bosh Watch: Toronto all-star to Miami nobody

Chris Bosh Watch: Toronto all-star to Miami nobody

Chris Bosh bows his head at a Raptors game last February (Image: Adam Bailey)

For five straight seasons with the Toronto Raptors, Chris Bosh was a lock as a National Basketball Association all-star. That’s all changed now that he’s taken his talents (and his inflated ego) to Miami’s sunnier shores. These days, Bosh is an afterthought on the all-star ballot, plummeting from 10th in overall voting last season to an unremarkable 24th this season. Overrated, anyone?

According to the Toronto Star’s Dave Feschuk, the answer is a definitive yes:

But while he began his first season with the Heat lamenting his Toronto-based obscurity, Bosh, in going from Canada’s No. 1 to Miami’s third wheel behind LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, has rarely been more ignored. Certainly the NBA fans who’ve been voting for the all-star team think far less of him in his new role… And though the Heat, after a 9-8 start, have reeled off an astonishing 21 wins in their past 22 games, Bosh is getting very little of the credit for his team’s awesomeness.

Toronto sports scribes have been all over Bosh this year, and none more than Feschuk, but they’re not alone, nor without good reason; don’t forget, Bosh essentially checked out midway through last season, and who could forget his ridiculous comments bemoaning the lack of good cable TV in the Great White North?

On the court, Bosh has been less than spectacular. He’s a role player alongside bona fide Miami stars Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. He’s averaging just over 18 points a game—two fewer than his career average—while averaging three fewer shots and three fewer free-throw attempts. He’s a good player on a very good team. But he’s by no means as great as he’s made himself out to be.

Sure, Toronto sports fans and the media alike may be sucking on some sour grapes. But Bosh went to Miami to raise his profile and be the man. And, well, he hasn’t and he’s not.

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