Catholicism surges in popularity among unemployed teachers

Catholicism surges in popularity among unemployed teachers

Fleecing the flock: some non-Catholic teachers eye up the trinity (Image: Anthony Easton)

Some unemployed educators are finding new ways of selling out in order to find a job in Ontario’s over-saturated teaching market, including feigning piety to sneak into the Catholic school board. “I just really want to be in a career. I just want it so badly,” a non-Catholic Toronto woman told the Canadian Press. She wants it so badly that she’s been going to confession, speaking with a priest and lying to him about premarital sex.

In 2009, there were about 12,200 new qualified teachers in the province, but only around 5,000 jobs. The Toronto Catholic District School Board requires that its teachers be Catholic, hence the new-found interest in religion.

“I haven’t gone for my, um, what do you call it, the bread thing yet…Communion,” the anonymous teacher continued. “I’m nervous about it.”

We’re more nervous about the lack of division between, what do you call it, church and state. Then again, with its influence in North America declining, the Vatican may want to set up an information kiosk in the lobby at OISE.

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