Canadians are eager to embrace simplicity, and this panel will tell you how to do just that (and maybe even save up for a life sabbatical) 

Canadians are eager to embrace simplicity, and this panel will tell you how to do just that (and maybe even save up for a life sabbatical) 

If there’s one thing most young Torontonians can agree on, it’s that 2018 has been one big stress-ball of a year, where everything from politics to apartment hunting seems extra-complicated and headache-inducing. Basically everyone can admit to regular fantasies about quitting their job to backpack around the globe, and nearly two-thirds of Canadians have thought about taking time off to pursue a passion or personal aspiration. But for most, finding the time and money to finally start, say, that novel-writing career, is something that’s easier said than done.

On November 20, Simplii Financial—an increasingly popular, no-fuss banking option for Canadians —is hosting an inspiring panel discussion featuring a bunch of people who have really nailed the whole “live simply” ethos. It’s hosted by two journalists-turned-digital nomads, Lisa Felepchuk and Coleman Molnar, a couple who decided to quit their full-time magazine-editor jobs and travel North America while living out of their van for a year—all while pursuing their freelance careers. (You can take a peek at their Instagram to ogle some of their enviable adventures.)

They’ll be able to provide serious tips for anyone looking to make the leap to freelance life or take a life sabbatical—including, most importantly, how to make it all work financially. “It was an incredible year, but it didn’t just happen because we wanted it to–it happened because we planned, saved and budgeted for it,” says Felepchuk.  “It was a big decision but we got there by making a hundred good small decisions about our finances.”

Felepchuk and Molnar will be joined by four other experts in various aspects of simplifying your life, from closet-organizing to natural makeup. Michele Delory, a certified KonMari consultant in Toronto who helps clients achieve their clutter-free goals, will be there to discuss the life-changing benefits of tidying up, while David Kollar, the local designer behind Kollar Clothing (known for its ultra-comfy streetwear), will be able to speak to the enduring stylishness of casualwear. Steve Kelly, the Director of Strategic Partnerships at everyone’s favourite quick-food app Ritual, will be there to explain the boom of tech apps simplifying users lives. While Taylor Frankel, the co-founder of eco-friendly makeup brand NudeStix, will be talking about her line of multifunctional makeup crayons, and why a simplified beauty routine is key to saving time and feeling great. So whether you want a more streamlined home, or to run a content creation company from anywhere there’s wifi, you’ll leave feeling inspired to simplify your life.

Hosts Simplii Financial are celebrating their one-year anniversary, and are all about simplicity in the banking world. The service is incredibly straight-forward, and offers free daily banking and high-interest saving rates. Basically, it’s perfect for anyone grinding away at a nine-to-five who wants to save some cash as quickly and easily as possible (because taking a lengthy sabbatical to pursue your photography passion definitely requires at least a bit of financial planning). If you’re already a Simplii banking client, you can also sign up for their newly launched Simplii Financial™ Cash Back Visa* Card…and if not, apply for your no fee chequing account here. Its rewards will appeal to every social urbanite: most impressively, users get four per cent cash-back at restaurants and bars.

Register for Simplii Financial’s event here to give yourself a kick-start on the simple-living trend while gaining tons of useful advice in the process. In the meantime, we highly recommend downloading Simplii’s on-the-go app, and switching over to the service to save time and, ultimately, money. Because, as Felepchuk and Molnar’s new lifestyle will confirm, it always pays to think outside the box.

7 p.m. to 9 p.m., November 20. Artscape Sandbox, 301 Adelaide St. W.,