What Canadian conservatives are saying about Donald Trump’s Muslim ban

What Canadian conservatives are saying about Donald Trump’s Muslim ban

Most American Republicans have too much skin in the game to speak out against Donald Trump’s recent executive order, but what about their colleagues across the border? Here’s what some prominent Canadian conservatives—including most of the 14 candidates running for leadership of the federal Conservative party—are saying, ordered from most to least outraged.

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“The policy that Mr. Trump put forth on Muslims has dire consequences, as can be seen from the events in Quebec City. We must fight this kind of divisive policies head on. Targeting Muslims for the acts of a few does not fight terrorism. These communities are our allies as they are victims.”

—Deepak Obhrai, federal Conservative leadership candidate


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“President Trump’s sweeping ban on citizens from Muslim majority countries was an alarming move that discounts the peaceful intents of hundreds of thousands of law-abiding immigrants from those regions – some of whom are here to escape the very same terrorism he is aiming to combat.”

—Andrew Saxton, federal Conservative leadership candidate


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“Our city’s motto is ‘diversity our strength’. We understand that as Canadians we are almost all immigrants, and that no one should be excluded on the basis of their ethnicity or nationality. I have reached out to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen to offer any help and support the city can provide in light of recent events.”

—Mayor John Tory, in a press release












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“While I can appreciate the United States’ desire to secure itself as it sees fit, I believe it’s important all governments watch for the unintended consequences of their actions. It is important to take steps to ensure refugees are properly vetted, but I do not agree with an all-out ban. Moving forward, Canada must consider the U.S. government’s concern with maintaining a strong security apparatus here. If we do not, we risk thickening the border, which is not in the Canadian interest.”

—Lisa Raitt, federal Conservative leadership candidate


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“As a Lebanese Irish Canadian I am disappointed with this short sighted approach. Here in Canada I am proud that our country celebrated our diversity and we have seen how much value entrepreneurs from a diverse background have created a vibrant business community. During my tenure as prime minister this will never change.”

—Kevin O’Leary, reality TV star and federal Conservative leadership candidate, as quoted in the National Post


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“Banning entry or immigration on the basis of nationality does nothing to curb terrorism. We need to continue the fight against ISIS, Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, Al Qaida, the Taliban and other terrorist groups, while imposing sanctions on any states that support them.”

—Federal Conservative leadership candidate Chris Alexander




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“Every country has the right to defend its own borders and establish immigration quotas, procedures and standards. We shouldn’t let the policies of other countries dictate our immigration policy.”

—Rick Peterson, federal Conservative leadership candidate




“I have said before and I repeat again—it does not matter where you are born. What matters is whether or not you share our Canadian values. My plan will see each and every immigrant, refugee, and visitor screened with a face to face interview to ensure they hold the Canadian values we need to protect. I will not comment on the domestic political affairs of another democracy.”

—Kellie Leitch, federal Conservative leadership candidate