Breaking news: dogs not allowed to run for mayor

Breaking news: dogs not allowed to run for mayor

Wag the dog: potential canine mayors are barking up the wrong tree (Image: Matt Barber)

What kind of a world do we live in where dogs can’t run for mayor? To quote the Sun:

Genny loves to run. But when it comes to politics, the town of Clarington won’t let her.

The three-year-old black Lab was denied her papers Monday to run for mayor in the Durham town after a municipal clerk said she didn’t qualify for the position because of canine genes. “Her nomination was rejected even before we could sign the papers,” said Genny’s owner, Marven Whidden.

Whidden said, “We’re disappointed but not surprised. Genny has more support in this town than any candidate running.”

Well, Clarington happens to be where the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station is located, so maybe having a dog in charge would be a bad idea. It might also be a problem to have a mayor who is literally owned by someone else. Then again, it might be great to have a politician who responds to commands.

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