Boardwalk Café owner giving Ford a choice: apology or lawsuit

Boardwalk Café owner giving Ford a choice: apology or lawsuit

The long-running drama over the city’s decision to grant George Foulidis a 20-year monopoly on selling food and drinks along the Beach got more interesting this morning. After Rob Ford’s repeated accusations that the deal was an example of corruption, Foulidis is now threatening to sue Ford for libel if he doesn’t retract his claims and apologize. The Star broke the story this morning:

In the Toronto Sun, the crusading conservative said the Tuggs contract “smacks of civic corruption” and “stinks to high heaven.” Ford is quoted to have said: “it’s confidential and I wish you guys knew what happened behind closed doors.”

The remarks drew a sharp rebuke from Mayor David Miller, who called the statements “irresponsible,” and Ford’s rivals. Rocco Rossi said the comments were “reckless.” Smitherman likened them to “drive-by smears.” But Foulidis is the first to legally challenge Ford’s accusations that city hall is rife with corruption.

According to the Globe, Ford’s legal counsel haven’t received any papers yet, so they have no official response. It’s hard to imagine Ford apologizing for this, though, as the “Tuggs deal” has been central to Ford’s campaign so far. Admitting that he was wrong, and that it did not in fact “stink to high heaven,” would be a pretty serious retraction. Hell, Ford might keep this fight going just so he doesn’t give Sandra Bussin the satisfaction of being vindicated.

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