Tweeter at the bat: a look at the four best Twitter users from the Toronto Blue Jays

Tweeter at the bat: a look at the four best Twitter users from the Toronto Blue Jays

Who are you reading about? Oh right, me. (Image: Keith Allison)

It seems like everybody in the public eye has a Twitter account these days, and Toronto’s athletes are no exception. Whether it’s promoting charities, keeping fans in the loop or breaking news, almost nothing really happens unless it happens on Twitter. Here in Toronto, the Raptors’ DeMar DeRozan is the Twitter king of Toronto sports—garnering 94,145 followers—but he may have some stiff competition thanks to the efforts of a persistent group of “twittering” Blue Jays.

Followers: 30,920
Tweet frequency: It seems he’s tweeting every hour he’s off the field.
Sample tweet: “Benz? Rover? BMW? Nopeeee my sick bixi rent a bike!! #scoresettled wow and what a smooooth ride!”
Favourite topics: What he’s watching on TV, why he’ll never be in the NHL, Miami Heat basketball and just about everything else under the sun.
Why we follow him: He interacts with fans via Twitter more than almost any other Toronto athlete.

Followers: 91,773
Tweet frequency: 10–15 times per week
Sample tweet: “6 in a row!! Woop woop!! #BEASTMODE
Favourite topics: Blue Jays baseball, burritos, his Facebook page and #BeastMode.
Why we follow him: Because he uses #BeastMode in reference to himself, and pulls it off without coming across as a total d-bag.

Followers: 16,551
Tweet frequency: 3–5 times per day
Sample tweet: “Anyone know where to find a goat? We need for for..uh…something special before JoJo takes the mound… A chicken may work in a pinch”
Favourite topics: Toronto, diabetes research and all things baseball.
Why we follow him: His tweets are a blend of humility and humour, plus he reps the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, which is nice.

Followers: 33,939
Tweet frequency: 5–8 times per day
Sample tweet: “Great team win again. The bats are in fuego!!!! #jays #hustleandheart
Favourite topics: Restaurants, his teammates and how to battle bullpen boredom.
Why we follow him: Because we think he’s the ace of the team, and that’s good enough for us!