Black Watch: Today’s Top Stories

Black Watch: Today’s Top Stories

British papers lead their trial coverage this morning with the testimony of security guard Shahab Mahmood and the case of the moving boxes. Andrew Clark of the Guardian reports:

“A security guard recalled observing the ‘unusual’ behaviour of the former Telegraph owner on May 20, 2005—a day after a Canadian judge ruled that no documents were to be removed from the premises.

‘About 5 p.m., I saw Conrad Black, his assistant Joan Maida and his chauffeur John by the back door,’ Intercon security guard Shahab Mahmood testified. ‘I saw Conrad Black giving some boxes to his chauffeur, who loaded the boxes.’

Mr. Mahmood told the jury he had noted Lord Black’s actions in an occurrence book: ‘It was very unusual. I never saw Conrad Black carrying boxes.’”

Never mind the alleged obstruction of justice. That a peer of the realm was brought so low as to be forced to carry his own boxes and to be seen doing so—scandalous! It’s all in a minor key, I admit, but the instinct for stirring class resentment and prejudice at all levels of the British press is breathtaking. The Star’s Rick Westhead notes that, “Black…returning to the courtroom following one break…stopped and remarked, ‘Have you ever heard such bullshit?’”

Beyond that, the Globe’s Paul Waldie reports that Maclean’s editor Ken Whyte will appear for the defence in an effort to bolster the idea that Radler was a rogue element acting on his own. More on this later…

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