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With the introduction of Conrad’s note to The Donald asking his assistance in quelling the shareholder revolt, the trial entered what I’ll call its Duck Soup phase.

In their wildest maundering, the Marx Brothers couldn’t have conjured a wackier plotline. Lord Conrad Black of Crossharbour writes to Trump (once dubbed “the short-fingered vulgarian” by then-Spy magazine editor Graydon Carter) asking for an “esoteric” favour. “If you were able to put in a cameo appearance and say a supportive word I’m sure it would have an impact… and be favourably noted in the press.” Trump turns up at the meeting with his moll, the pneumatically correct Melania, and, without a remotely viable context, announces his support for Conrad and the current management—to which Conrad responds by asking if his then-girlfriend (now wife) would like to add a few words. Trump, ever the clever wordsmith, parries with this world historical non sequitur: “She’s much better looking than I am. That’s one thing. Thank you.” Groucho’s estate should sue for copyright infringement.

‘Dear Donald, Could I ask a rather esoteric favor? …' [Globe and Mail] Trump called in to boost Black, trial hears [National Post]Black Trumped critics at meeting [Toronto Star]Trial hears how Black played Trump card to mollify angry investors [Guardian]Lord Black ‘sought Trump’s support’ [Financial Times]


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