These are the best (and worst) Raptors’ tattoos in Toronto

These are the best (and worst) Raptors’ tattoos in Toronto

As Toronto hits peak Raptor fever, some fans are taking things to the next—and most permanent—level. Here, we roundup the best Raptors tattoos on the web,  because nothing says “Go Raps!” quite like having the home team inked on your flesh for all eternity.

Superfan and tattoo artist Kristian Tabungar will never forget the moment Kawhi Leonard scored that epic buzzer-beater to clinch the quarter-finals. (And if he does, he can just look at his arm):

This lucky fan won a free tat contest and went with something old school:

This guy is an equal-opportunity Toronto sports fan:


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This guy went for a more realistic raptor:

And this dude went all out:


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Progressin on Kyle’s back#raptorstattoo#raptors

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Here’s another freebie tat:

This guy clearly wants Kawhi to stay:


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This man appears to be a very proud Canadian:

Here’s another ode to the mascot:

The fetal position is an interesting choice, but sure:

I got this tattoo today from r/torontoraptors

This Raptor is hanging out with a British lady:

Here’s an impressive stick and poke:


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Raptors tattoo stick n poke by the amazingly talented @p0kehappy ?

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Sorry, Drake, we said Raptors tattoos: