Best of Fall 2013: the five local stars gracing TVs this season

Best of Fall 2013: the five local stars gracing TVs this season

Best of Fall 2013: the new TV season is lousy with local stars

Best of Fall 2013 TV: The Blacklist
1 | The Blacklist
Toronto’s Diego Klattenhoff, best known as the self-sacrificing marine Mike Faber on Homeland, swaps the CIA for the FBI in this thriller series, in which he plays an agent who enters an alliance with a criminal mastermind (played to drawling perfection by James Spader). Premieres Sept. 23, Global.

Best of Fall 2013 TV: Trophy Wife
2 | Trophy Wife
The fast-talking quirk of New Girl and the wacky family hijinks of Modern Family converge in this new sitcom, starring Malin Akerman as a blowsy blonde bombshell forced to contend with her new husband’s ex-wives and kids. The cast includes Marcia Gay Harden and The West Wing’s Bradley Whitford. Premieres Sept. 24, CTV.

Best of Fall 2013 TV: The Millers
3 | The Millers
In his new sitcom, Arrested Development’s Will Arnett is a rut-stuck divorcé who winds up living with his mother (played by Justified’s formidable Margo Martindale) after his parents also split up. Like A.D., The Millers contorts the family sitcom into something profoundly weird yet strangely tender. Premieres Sept. 26, Global.

Best of Fall 2013 TV: The Tomorrow People
4 | The Tomorrow People
The Toronto-born Amell boys have taken over Wednesday nights, with Stephen starring as a comic book vigilante on Arrow, and his younger cousin, Robbie Amell, anchoring this new sci-fi series about a group of mutant teens who discover they have super powers. Premieres Oct. 9, CTV.

Best of Fall 2013 TV: Reign
5 | Reign
The season’s guiltiest guilty pleasure is a teen soap about Mary, Queen of Scots and her clique of ladies in waiting—it’s like Pretty Little Liars in bodices. Megan Follows, best known as CanCon’s beloved Anne of Green Gables, seethes and schemes as Mary’s diabolical mother-in-law, Catherine de Medici. Premieres Oct. 10, CTV Two.

By Andrew D’Cruz, Sue Carter Flinn, Emily Landau, Alison Mah, Jason McBride, Courtney Shea, Stéphanie Verge, Chris Webster and Nathan Whitlock | Photographs: Blacklist, Millers courtesy of Shaw Media; Trophy wife, Tomorrow People courtesy of Bell Media; Reign by Getty Images