The best protest signs from Toronto’s Women’s March on Washington

Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington—a pro-feminist demonstration timed to coincide with the swearing-in of Donald Trump, who won the U.S. presidency despite multiple sexual assault allegations and a self-professed affinity for grabbing that which should not be grabbed—inspired solidarity marches around the world. The attendance at Toronto’s version is being estimated at around 60,000 people. Some of them brought creative protest signs with them. Here are the ones we liked best.

Whoever stared at this image long enough to fashion it into a hockey stick ornament must have a very strong stomach:

Way to use that belly:

Trump’s mannerisms are almost too easy to mock, but you’ve got to admire that accurate line drawing:

Really says it all:

When a protest march is large enough, there are always a few people who just use it as an excuse to wear their favourite outfits:

Disney lawsuit incoming:

This dog has an opinion:


Sunglasses would be a good accessory for Donald Trump. With his semi-pompadour, he’d look like a geriatric Fonz:

The trumpet industry has to be really concerned about brand dilution right now:

Listen to this catman:

And the best sign of the day:


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