What went down at TL Insider’s Fireside Chat with Anshul Ruparell, co-founder & CEO of Properly

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What happens when Canada’s booming tech industry and surging real estate market collide? The answer is Properly.

On June 16, TL Insider welcomed Anshul Ruparell, co-founder and CEO of Properly, the Toronto-based, tech-enabled real estate brokerage that connects users searching for a home with the talent and tools to simplify their buying experience. Anshul sat down with Jason Maghanoy, head of business development at St. Joseph Media and associate publisher of Canadian Business, for the virtual event. They covered topics such as buying trends, the likelihood of a real estate bubble and technology’s place in housing accessibility.

Currently operating in the GTA with plans to expand across Canada, Properly is an example of Canadian start-up success. Anshul shared with our virtual audience how he and his co-founders learned to foolproof Properly through their experience in private equity investing and identifying start-ups with potential. “The three simplest ways to determine a good start-up is a significant customer pain point, in the context of a market that has the potential to become very big, and a management team that is driven and shows resilience,” says Anshul.

After immersing himself in New York’s start-up ecosystem while attending business school at Columbia, Anshul dove into his entrepreneurial journey. Since brainstorming and launching Properly, he says he’s learnt a lot along the way. It started with addressing the problem at hand.

“There has been effectively no innovation in this industry for decades,” says Anshul. “The experience of searching for a home online is one that expects you to use tools that resemble the early days of the internet—designed not to meet your needs but in a way that is supportive of the industry 15 or 20 years ago”

Properly helps people find and buy their dream home and sell their current home for the best possible price, using what Anshul calls the company’s “revolutionized search and discovery tool.” “We’re also evolving the transaction process, by allowing people to unlock the equity of their home before they sell it,” he says.

For Torontonians seeking real estate, the event concluded with a valuable Q&A that covered local trends, determining market value, behaviour analysis studies, and partnerships that Properly has established to secure its credibility.


Learn more about Properly and how you can better your home-buying experience here

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