Andy Byford writes an icy memo to TTC employees

Andy Byford writes an icy memo to TTC employees

The TTC has had a few customer service embarrassments over the last few years (workers texting on the road, leaving their routes to pick up snacks and so on) but two within a few days is pretty bad. Last week, a TTC driver was videoed using a cellphone while piloting a subway, then days later, another was caught reading a newspaper while driving a streetcar. TTC chief exec and tough-talking clean freak Andy Byford is not happy about the blunders and released a scathing memo to staff this morning, voicing his displeasure.

In the letter, Byford lists the recent slip-ups and suggest this can lead to more trouble for workers down the line:

To be frank, we can’t complain…As your CEO, I cannot and will not defend such incidents. Such behaviours are not only unacceptable, they lead to even more scrutiny and potential for assault.

Byford believes “99 per cent” of TTC staff are doing great, but he issues a scary-but-kind-of-awesome warning to those who are not (this is better if you imagine it being read in his English accent):

[A] small minority of staff continue to wreck all of our reputations. To them I say: I will not back you, in fact I will expect you to face the consequences of your actions, especially if you put customers’ safety at risk.

…So I have given my managers clear direction: back staff to the hilt that do the right thing or who make an honest mistake. But to those few that choose to ignore safety rules or who recklessly make things worse for their colleagues by their actions, expect to be held to account.

Apparently, TTC washroom revamps aren’t the only thing that Byford is serious about. Read the entire letter [Torontoist] »