American Express Canada launched its new business card with a Toronto event celebrating entrepreneurs

American Express Canada launched its new business card with a Toronto event celebrating entrepreneurs

On October 16, Amex Canada hosted an intimate bash in Toronto to celebrate its brand-new Amex Business Edge Card—a practical business credit card that caters directly to the needs of small business owners. The company hosted a group of entrepreneurs who gathered to hear a trio of prominent Torontonians chat about their business journeys. The panel included prolific restauranteur Grant van Gameren, Nudestix co-founder Taylor Frankel and professional basketball player and founder of FVV Shop, Fred VanVleet. The discussion was moderated by sports broadcaster Kate Beirness, and featured candid conversations about the subjects’ stories and motivations, including the best pieces of advice they have for budding entrepreneurs.

The evening kicked off with a chat with Amex Canada’s vice president and general manager of global commercial services, Paul Roman. “Small business owners are just a little different than the rest of us,” says Roman. “They have a drive, determination, resilience and passion that pushes them to make their business a success.” That said, proper support systems are still key when it comes to launching a business on your own. The new Amex Business Edge Card backs entrepreneurs in the way they do business by offering three times the points on eligible day-to-day business purchases like lunch for employees, gas to events or electronics for your new office.

VanVleet started his clothing company FVV Shop during his rookie season, as it seemed to be a natural fit with his lifestyle. He spoke about the decision: “I’ve always been passionate about fashion and design,” he says. “I wanted to diversify and not be stuck in a box of being just an athlete.” He also shared what he learned from his entrepreneurial experience, and warned attendees they might have to be prepared to lose a bit of cash initially. “You’ve got to keep the long-term goal in mind. Business is not simple. You have to take the losses as lessons and keep thinking of ways to keep moving forward,” he says.

When it comes to advice for other small business owners, VanVleet would recommend measuring success based on personal growth at first: “I think believing in yourself and being passionate about it is the first step.”

Frankel started the beauty brand Nudestix, which makes neutral-hued, multifunctional makeup sticks for all parts of the face, with her mom and sister when she was just 17. She credits her family for sparking her inspiration and offering a strong support system – especially her mom, who’s an industry veteran and started her own beauty line when her daughters were in diapers.

“My mom gave me confidence to feel good about what I had to say, which gave me the drive to start Nudestix,” she says. “Growing up with entrepreneurial parents it was second nature. I didn’t think about the risk…I was just so passionate.” Frankel also spoke about the importance of supporting her own small business community, and building relationships with fellow entrepreneurs. She thinks so many business owners will be able to benefit from the new Amex Business Edge Card because of its unique type of rewards system, which offers the ability to earn rewards faster on everyday business purchases they’re already making as a company.

Frankel offered a bunch of tips for young entrepreneurs, but her best recommendation was finding a niche: “One of the things that separated us was having a rational and emotive reason for existing,” she says. “It wasn’t just about the product, but communicating a message that connects to consumers.”

Overall, partygoers left feeling a sense of empowerment, and were energized to take the next steps on their business paths. They also got the inside scoop about the new Amex Business Edge Card, and a better understanding of how it can help support their entrepreneurial dreams. To learn more yourself, check out the card details here.