Adam Vaughan is running for Olivia Chow’s federal seat

Adam Vaughan is running for Olivia Chow’s federal seat

(Image: Toronto Star/Screenshot)

The by-election race to decide who succeeds Olivia Chow as MP for Trinity-Spadina just got a whole lot more interesting. The Star reports that Adam Vaughan, Ward 20’s famously pugnacious two-term city councillor, has agreed to run for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

Vaughan still needs to win his nomination before he can actually hit the campaign trail. If he’s able to accomplish that, he’ll face Joe Cressy, a 29-year-old NDP operative without a fraction of the councillor’s name recognition or community cred. It’s unwise to speculate on the outcome of an election, but considering Vaughan’s popularity in his downtown ward, it seems safe to say that he doesn’t have that much work to do, even though Trinity-Spadina hasn’t voted Liberal in a decade.

The Star’s sources say Vaughan had to agree to the same deal would-be Liberal candidate Christine Innes claims to have refused: not to challenge fellow Liberal Chrystia Freeland in the next election.

A date hasn’t been set for the by-election, but presumably, if Vaughan doesn’t win, he’ll still have time to run for his old city council seat. If he does win, though, Ward 20 will need a councillor. At this point, there’s no telling who that would be.