Adam and leave: Giambrone ditches politics

Adam and leave: Giambrone ditches politics

Exit, stage left (Image: Tsar Kasim)

And Giambrone makes three.

Yesterday, we jokingly said that with two high-profile resignations—Helena Guergis and Jeff Bangs—all we needed was one more for a trend story. Well, last night, Adam Giambrone tweeted that he won’t be seeking re-election in his ward of Davenport, nor will he be running for mayor, as was hinted at yesterday by the Globe. His executive assistant, Kevin Beaulieu, will be running instead.

The Post published a goodbye letter that Giambrone wrote to his supporters. It contains numerous thank yous and lists accomplishments—the Dufferin jog tunnel, Rail Path, Transit City—that remind everyone of the pre-2010 Giambrone. It leaves the door open for a future in politics, but not for many years. In the meantime, he may be heading into the less sexy field of archaeology. Says the Post:

Giambrone says he already has at least one job offer—which is also no surprise, because he is a bright young fellow who has kept one foot firmly planted in his other love, archaeology.

Speaking of archaeology, somewhere in Little Italy, 30-year councillor Joe Pantalone must be breathing a huge sigh of relief that rumours of Giambrone’s re-entry into the mayoral race are unfounded and that the centre-left vote remains unfractured.

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