A great night for Toronto sports fan masochism

A great night for Toronto sports fan masochism

The crowd goes wild at last night's Blue Jays game (Image: Josh McConnell)

Last night was catastrophically bad for Toronto sports teams. Let’s start with basketball. The Raptors won, which was fabulous news until minutes after the game, when the Chicago Bulls also won, eliminating the Raps from the playoffs. But the sadness doesn’t end there. Fans likely got their last look at the team’s star player, Chris Bosh, who is now fully expected to skip town.

Bosh, still injured with a broken face (now repaired), wore a blazer and jeans as he joined his teammates on the bench. He may never wear a dinosaur-themed outfit again, which is too bad, because it really suited his looks. Ever hopeful fans held double-sided cards that read “We want more” on one side and “CB4” on the other, but the fact that the stadium didn’t sell out for the most important game of the season likely said more to Bosh. Well, that and the incident earlier this week when Eye Weekly repeatedly spelled his name “Bosch,” making him both Toronto’s favourite hoopster and kitchen appliance company.

Misery loves company: just next door at the Rogers Centre, the Jays took to the field after pitcher Ricky Romero nearly had a no-hitter against the White Sox Tuesday. Not so last night, when a record low 10,610 fans showed up to watch the blue birds get pummelled 11-1. It was a heckler’s dream. A chance to scream angrily at both teams with the guarantee of hearing your voice bounce around the stadium loud, clear and obnoxious.

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