A Bone to chew on

A Bone to chew on

After his Lordship’s repudiation last Thursday, the weekend’s coverage dwindled away to almost nothing. One happy exception was James Bone in The Times (of London). Among Crossharbour’s antagonists, Bone is the most erudite and mischievous. Earlier in the proceedings, he reported on Black’s likely schedule on a typical day in the slammer. Saturday he reported on Black’s recreational options should he end up at FCI Coleman, which, along with a federal work camp in Miami (Black’s first choice), is his probable destination. “Coleman, with a population of 5,000 in low-, medium- and high-security facilities, is the largest prison in the United States. It offers inmates activities such as shuffleboard, exercise bicycles and bocce ball, the Italian version of bowls.”

Further on, Bone—his tongue planted firmly in his cheek—quotes a letter from Black’s lawyers to the Bureau of Prisons:

“Mr. Black has been a very productive member of society, extensively investing in the American economy as a business owner over many years,” his lawyers wrote. “He is not a member of any disruptive group.” They added: “It is hard to [imagine] an inmate less likely to choose to escape.”

To which a reader responded on The Times’ Web site: “‘…extensively investing in the American economy…’ using whose money?”

Bone likely couldn’t have said it better himself.

Lord Black to become prisoner No 18330-424: Source [The Times]