283 University of Toronto students’ diplomas recalled due to typo

283 University of Toronto students' diplomas recalled due to typo

This will cause a lot of gloating around the offices of such institutions as Carleton, Ryerson and York, we imagine. A typo on the diplomas issued by the University of Toronto in July has led to them being recalled like wonky Toyotas.

According to the Toronto Star:

The mistake, which incorrectly identifies the title of a signatory, has resulted in a diploma recall for nearly 1,350 recent graduates from U of T Mississauga.

The error affects 283 students who graduated with undergraduate degrees in November 2009 and another 1,062 students who graduated this June.

“The printing error on the diploma does not affect the validity of the degree,” said Jane Stirling, spokeswoman for U of T Mississauga.

That’s reassuring. We’d hate to think that more than a thousand former students would have to repeat their degrees because somebody didn’t double-check their org charts. On the other hand, this raises a few interesting questions for the coming school year. If we were a U of T student, we’d keep this incident in mind next time a prof tries to tell us we got something “wrong.”

Meanwhile, students and faculty at York have exactly until the next strike to continue gloating.

• Typo in U of T diplomas results in recall [Toronto Star]


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