Treat yourself: Elevate your self-love routine with cannabis this Valentine’s Day

Treat yourself: Elevate your self-love routine with cannabis this Valentine’s Day

Six ways to indulge in cannabis-infused self-care

Being alone on Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. After all, lovers aren’t prerequisites for love. Whether you’re spending the day with your pals or if you’re so committed to yourself this year you’re planning on spending it solo, you deserve to elevate the experience—and what better way to do that than with Fire & Flower?

Fire & Flower’s offering is vast—from THC to CBD and back—and goes beyond the usual bud and vape route—think topicals, edibles, beverages and more with great savings and deals. With a gift for everyone (including yourself), from the canna-curious to the cannabis lovers and aficionados, you can shop Fire & Flower in-store or online for pick-up and even free, same-day delivery for Spark Perks members if you order before 6 pm. The cherry on top? Signing up to be a Spark Perks member is free, too.

So if you’re ready to steer clear of expectations and shower yourself with love, no strings attached, we took the liberty of putting together the perfect guide to hitting every love language and both starting and ending the day lifted.

Take the day for yourself

Save the Sunday scaries for another day and reserve Valentine’s Day Monday for yourself. Sometimes self-love looks like taking an extended break by giving yourself a long weekend. Set yourself up for a slow and indulgent day full of rest, relaxation and only the type of stimulation you want. End Sunday with a bite of Milk Chocolate Chowie Wowie Edible and an online meditation so you can dream your way into a chill Monday morning.

Start your morning with some quality (me) time

Who likes to rush on Monday mornings anyway? Start your morning slow, deliberately and full of intention. Light up a Wild Florist x Lohn Candle in Tropical Gelato, take a couple of drops of this Revity CBD oil and take an online yoga class. While you’re blending up your favourite smoothie, treat yourself to dessert first with this Bhang THC Cookies and Cream White Chocolate.

Pick up your lunch to-go and throw on a romcom

Do yourself a favour and get some fresh air while you grab your lunch. Stop by Blackbird Baking Co. to pick up a morning coffee and pastry on the go and explore Kensington Market’s food offerings while you mull over what to watch over lunch at home. Grab a Shrimp Gobernador taco from Seven Lives Tacos y Mariscos, chicken and waffles from The Dirty Bird Chicken+Waffles and/or (who’s limiting you on Valentine’s Day?!) a stuffed dumpling from Rasta Pasta.

All you’ll need to do when you get back home is to turn on your TV, kick up your feet and enjoy lunch and a movie right in the comfort of your own home. The only way this can get better is by washing lunch down with XMG’s THC-infused Tropical Fruit soft drink. If you’re still looking to stick to having dessert first, dive into this Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup by Halftime infused with 10 mg of premium THC.

Take a friend or fly solo on a gallery date

Keep that main character energy going by dressing to the nines and taking yourself and maybe even a friend on a date to the AGO. To really immerse yourself in colours and, perhaps, stop and smell the roses, dive into this Immersive Monet Exhibit. After all, art and love go hand in hand, so why not indulge in a visual treat? And if you really want to spread the good vibes, give the gift of a Jack Haze – 7ACRES – Pre-Roll, taking the work out of enjoying a joint.

Dive into a deliciously mouthwatering meal

Nothing says romance like an Italian meal. Whether you’re in the mood to cook or not by this point in your day, Stock T.C or Eataly might be the perfect places to check out. With a wide array of take-out options, pre-made meals, ready-to-go ingredients, and specialty products, both establishments will leave you with a smile on your face and enough pasta to last you a lifetime of self-love nights. Light up a Wild Florist x Lohn candle in Magic Mint to start, set the table, pour yourself your favourite glass of vino and buon appetito!

Unwind and pamper yourself

Don’t blow out your candle just yet. Treat yourself to a night of pampering with a warm and comforting bath. Toss in an Eve & Co. The Lover bath bomb or one of the Wild Rose & Vanilla Duet Bath Bombs by Nuance into your bath to relax your muscles and your mind. Treat your skin to some much-needed moisture and your muscles to even more relaxation after a generous soak by applying Dosecann’s CBD Cream. Late-night visitor? Break out Proofly’s Warming CBD Massage Oil and thank us later.