A look at the hearty brews of the LCBO’s fall beer release | Toronto Life

A look at the hearty brews of the LCBO’s fall beer release

A look at the hearty brews of the LCBO’s fall beer release

Souther Tier’s Mokah imperial stout is among the beer’s in the LCBO’s fall release (Image: Christer Edvartsen)

This week has seen the first sustained bout of fall weather, so it’s perfectly appropriate that just last weekend, the LCBO put out its latest seasonal beer release. The cooler temperatures and crisper air mean a move away from the lighter refreshers of summer toward some heartier liquid fare. Below are some of our favourite selections from the release.

Among the best of the European offerings are Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel, a darker version of a hefeweizen with more complex malts and a slight bitterness to round out the banana and clove characteristics common in German wheat beers; Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock, a darker and stronger version of a traditional German lager with so much malt that it’s often served as “liquid bread” for fasting monks; and Brouwerij Bosteels Tripel Karmeliet, a refined Belgian ale with hints of vanilla and fresh citrus that imparts a characteristic dryness to the finish. From the U.S., the LCBO has brought in Mokah, another selection from the acclaimed Blackwater series of New York’s Southern Tier Brewing Company. This one is a blend of two imperial stouts, Jahva and Choklat, which brings together rich coffee and dark chocolate flavours in a big, syrupy sipper that’s ideal for sharing as a dessert course.

Also being released at the same time are selections from the LCBO’s latest featured brewery, Portland, Maine’s Shipyard Brewing Co. Included are four of the brews from their Pugsley’s Signature Series: Barley Wine, Imperial Porter, XXXX IPA and Smashed Pumpkin, a full-bodied seasonal ale brewed with pumpkin-pie spices that should help you transition into the upcoming Halloween-themed release. As always, check lcbo.ca for store-by-store availability.