Microsoft announces it’s coming to Toronto next year—we hope to avoid the blue screen of death

Microsoft announces it’s coming to Toronto next year—we hope to avoid the blue screen of death

The CN Tower as seen from the Metro Toronto Convention Centre 

It’s probably best to think of this as a warm-up for the Pan Am Games: Office and Windows giant Microsoft announced this week that it’s bringing its next annual Worldwide Partner Conference to Toronto for 2012. Get ready for all the fun and classiness of hosting international travellers, but without the need for the new athletic facilities. (Hopefully we can also avoid the police crackdown of the G20.)

According to the National Post:

On Tuesday, Microsoft Corp. announced plans to hold its next Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto between July 9 and July 13, 2012.

Microsoft officials said they expect 15,000 delegates to attend the conference, which will be held primarily at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and the Air Canada Centre.

“The four-day event celebrates the accomplishments of the company’s 640,000 global technology partners,” Microsoft Canada general manager Eric Gales said in a statement.

“Microsoft Canada is thrilled that next year’s event will be hosted in the city of Toronto and excited by the opportunity for the city to showcase its diverse culture, entertainment, and world-renown hospitality.”

Each of the 15,000 delegates is expected to spend something like $1,700 on hotels and fun while they’re here, so this is no small chunk of change—Toronto Tourism is estimating at least $52 million will flow into Toronto’s businesses. Now, if only Toronto could start some rivalry between Microsoft and Apple as to who can hold the most lavish party here. Dear Steve Jobs: give every taxpayer an iPad, and city council might just make you king for a week. Think about it.

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(Image: Ian Muttoo)