What Elevate’s top minds are reading right now

What Elevate’s top minds are reading right now

The Elevate Festival sees some of the world’s savviest authors take the stage to share their ideas and spread inspiration. But we want to know which authors inspire them. Here are four essential book recommendations from writers appearing at Elevate 2019 this week.

Photograph by Daniel Arnold
Yancey Strickler
Author of This Could Be Our Future: A Manifesto for a More Generous World

Recommendation: Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered by E.F. Schumacher. “This 1973 manifesto is incredibly insightful and offers a different way to think about economics and how we relate to our world. With concepts like Buddhist economics and wisdom on the benefits of modest-sized organizations, Small Is Beautiful is a brilliant read for anyone looking to think differently than their peers.”


Photograph by Josephine Sittenfeld
Esther Wojcicki
Author of How to Raise Successful People

Recommendation: Dark Horse by Todd Rose and Ogi Ogas. “Professor Rose gives great examples of what makes happy, successful adults—and it isn’t what parents think. It’s following your interests and dreams and working toward fulfillment that matters, not following the traditional path and worrying about what other people think. No one wants to live a life dictated by someone else’s dreams.”


Photograph courtesy of Guy Kawasaki
Guy Kawasaki
Author of Wise Guy: Lessons from a Life

Recommendation: If You Want to Write by Brenda Ueland. “This is the book that set me free from my self-doubt about being able to write a book. It was originally written for writing students, but substitute any creative endeavor for writing (painting, playing music, starting a company), and If You Want to Write will empower you too.”


Photograph by Joslyn Reid
Ryan Holmes
Author of The 4 Billion Dollar Tweet

Recommendation: The Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday. “This book is inspired by the Greek philosophy of Stoicism, which is about enduring adversity with resilience. Stoics focused on the things they could control and let go of everything else. There are so many things beyond my control: the economy, global events, you name it. The Obstacle is the Way emphasizes concentrating instead on what you can change.”

The Elevate tech an innovation festival runs from Sept. 20 to 26. Check out the Elevate Book Store powered by Indigo at Meridian Hall (formerly Sony Centre, 1 Front St. E.) on Sept. 24 and 25 for a chance to meet authors like Chris Hadfield and Marcus Buckingham.