Ten ways to transform your home into a Pinterest-worthy paradise

Ten ways to transform your home into a Pinterest-worthy paradise

Anyone who’s ever scrolled through social media knows that feeling of extreme home envy when a particularly pristine living room, reading nook or bedroom oasis pops up. It forces us to fantasize about whether our comparatively cluttered abodes could ever resemble anything even remotely as chic. Luckily, top furniture destination The Art Shoppe espouses an “easy steps” technique to help shoppers transform their home as simply as possible, using their broad range of styles and price points. It’s guaranteed to make even the most design-challenged homeowner so proud of their space that they won’t be able to stop snapping away. Here, a few designer-approved tips for making your home unrecognizable (in a good way):

1 Keep it simple, and practice the art of tidying up. Get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy. The enemy of a beautiful space is, more often than not, unnecessary clutter. It also helps to invest in chic storage, so that important yet unaesthetic items and files don’t have to be thrown away. This modern espresso oak credenza is both exceptionally chic and supremely practical, and has four generous compartments for storing anything from excess tableware to magazine collections.

2Choose where you want to invest your money. There are a few key items, like sofas or dining room tables, where quality is more noticeable than others. Durable pieces are way more likely to stand the test of time—saving you money in the long run. This classic City Dining Table with brass details, for instance, will never go out of style and will likely get passed down to family members in the future.

3Snap up a few pieces that you especially love. Items you’re emotionally attracted to help inject your personality into a space. When creating your own retreat, trusting your personal design instincts over anyone else’s opinion is essential.

4Think twice before you invest in trends. If there’s something you love, but you worry it may not stand the test of time, don’t bother acquiring the fanciest version. In this scenario, it’s better for your future bank account to source a less expensive option, so you won’t feel guilty when your taste changes and that leopard-print stool simply must be upgraded.

5Don’t be afraid to mix styles. Your collection of furniture, artwork and accessories don’t all have to be hyper-modern or super-traditional. Mixing and matching contemporary pieces with antiques actually adds character to the space. So, don’t ditch anything just because you think it doesn’t “go”—it will likely bring a nice dash of personality.

6Stick to neutral hues. Especially for a major revamp, committing to subdued shades and natural materials for main pieces is always recommended. You can always add pops of colour here and there with accessories, like a fuchsia throw pillow or Art Deco rug.

7Pick a colour theme. If you’re the type of person who can’t stay away from bold colour, purchase one bright accent piece, like this kelly green Kate Spade chair, and tie in similar shades elsewhere, like in an accent rug.

8Mix highs and lows. Like a good outfit, a well-decorated room contains a mix of pricy investment pieces, antique market finds, and, yes, super-on-sale items. That said, it’s easier to sneak in steals when they’re contrasted with top-quality statement pieces, like this mauve-hued velvet sofa.

9Consider scale. Often, the key to making a room look perfectly put-together isn’t furniture choices or colour palettes, but scale. When furniture is proportionate and fits the space, it blends in seamlessly to create an effortless vibe.

10Play around with your existing furniture. Sometimes, repositioning your favourite pieces of furniture can breathe new life into a room (and it won’t break the bank).