The Find: wearable tech devices for achieving any fitness goal

The Find: wearable tech devices for achieving any fitness goal


Remember your overly ambitious New Year’s resolution to hit the gym every day for a year? Chances are it didn’t happen. Thankfully, there’s a better way to reach those healthy lifestyle goals: Torontonians are starting to rely more on wearable fitness devices to tangibly track daily movement, monitor heart rate, count calories and even receive personalized workout programs. We’ve rounded up a few of the best products—think Fitibt, Misfit and more—for keeping an eye on your progress. (After all, it’s a lot harder to ignore an unhealthy lifestyle when the stats are thrown in your face every day.) The best part? Sleek new designs mean you won’t have to wear cumbersome chest straps or tote around an unusually large watch. Most of these gadgets are up for grabs at TELUS stores, where a dedicated team of “Health Tech Trainers” can help technologically challenged shoppers decipher RPMs from BMIs.


Fitbit Charge HR


The Fitbit Charge HR gives users a holistic outlook on daily activity, including steps taken and calories burned. This particular model also monitors heart rate, and built-in bluetooth means everything is automatically uploaded to your smartphone. $179.95,


Misfit Shine


Unlike the Fitbit, this sleek device measures basically any activity, including swimming, cycling, soccer, tennis and basketball. Bonus: it also doubles as a watch and the battery will last up to six months. $100,




The Moov is one of the sleeker models out there, and a range of programs means it can interactively coach its wearer through boxing, swimming and core workouts. From USD$89,


Samsung Gear Live


For Android users, the Samsung Gear Live has plenty of fitness apps and a continuous heart monitor. It also manages calls, texts, maps and more. $220,


Jaybird Activity Tracker


This tracking device will adjust workout goals based on its wearer’s energy level and activity history. It also receives and makes calls. $230,