Americans win Olympic mittens by perpetuating Canadian stereotypes

Americans win Olympic mittens by perpetuating Canadian stereotypes

The coveted mittens (Photo by Michael Francis McCarthy)

Today’s Olympic Mitten Update comes in the form of an on-line contest in which readers submit what they know about Canada in an attempt to win a pair. And judging from the entries, most of their knowledge comes from watching Molson Canadian commercials (in fact, one entrant quotes from the “I Am” commercial).

B.C.-based greeting card designer Fiona Richards announced on her company blog that she will give a pair of the coveted item to the person who gives her the best bit of trivia about the host country (no mention of what kind of trivia she’s looking for).

Since Valentine’s Day, she has received more than 300 entries, mostly from Americans, according to the Star. Among the highlights:

Kraft Dinner, Smarties, pop, Timbits, lumberjackets, beavertails, Nanaimo bars, butter tarts, two-fours, serviettes, chocolate bars, and most of all, eh!!!! (not to mention, once again, zed!!)

I know that Canada has ‘the mounties’ ! :)

What do I know about Canada? I know that as Canadians we say sorry if we bump into you. We even say sorry when we bump into inanimate objects or even if you bump into us.

In Canada, $2 coins are called Moonies ’cause there’s a Queen on one side, with a “bear” behind! Oh Canada! :D

I know the provinces—British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and Nunavut.

And our favourite:

Canadians say ‘ay’!

Bacon was mentioned 11 times, poutine is mentioned in six entries, health care got four mentions, and the fact that Canadians pronounce the letter Z as “zed” was tied with beaver tails, which were mentioned in three entries. We’re still waiting for the burnt-toast and Degrassi references before the winners are announced on Monday.

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