A trip to space (and Berlin) with Greta and Ezra Constantine

A trip to space (and Berlin) with Greta and Ezra Constantine

A look from Greta Constantine's spring/summer 2010 collection (Photo by Jenna Marie Wakani)

As if Greta Constantine weren’t fabulous enough.

Last night, the Nelly Furtado–approved design duo of Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill continued their renegade fashion shows, eschewing next week’s runway tents in order to throw a lavish party for their 2010 spring-summer collection in the Audi showroom at Bayview and Gerrard. Of course, their German-engineered sponsors ensured that when it comes to luxury, there is no limit.

Never mind the plush, lounge-worthy beds courtesy of mattress masters Hästens or the cool flip-book photo booth or the three Audi vehicles that served as the backdrop for the show in the cavernous parking garage: the collection itself, which included both women’s and menswear, was far from economical when it came to ideas.

There were leather-clad space vixens with cone-shaped hair matching cone-shaped shoulders, masquerade party dresses adorned with giant poofs of plumage, an abundance of fringe, a romantic cloud-like gown and the signature Grecian frocks—a no-frills and down-to-earth affair. We had hoped for an oh-my-God number that pulled the themes together in an awesome schizo look befitting Lady Gaga.

If the women were from some unmapped interstellar-but-still-European nation, the men were definitely from Berlin. Less Audi and more Otto (the vampire protagonist of Bruce LaBruce’s most recent art-porn adventure), hooded or shirtless boys were lovingly wrapped in bondage straps and black leather lederhosen as they stomped in work socks and combat boots. A gas station jumpsuit (did we mention this was in a parking garage?) rounded out the troupe of goth-punk proletariats.

With a menswear collection this tight, one may wonder whether the GC empire is plotting a male fashion uprising while their women are sent into unfocused orbits. Unless unfocused is the new focus—though maybe that’s a question for Ford.

See all of the looks from the collection below.