What a slice: a gorgeous toaster that’s fit for the best artisanal bread

What a slice: a gorgeous toaster that's fit for the best artisanal bread

Lately, designers have been rethinking the toaster, with results ranging from the sublime (this minimalist, transparent version) to the ridiculous (a dot matrix throwback that singes designs into the bread), and covering everything in between (like this one, which looks like a cross between a sex toy and a dish rack). And though those models might not make it far from the drawing board, they got us wondering which toasters are worth the artisanal bread we put in them. After all, next to stoves and fridges, toasters are one of the most well-used (and often underperforming) kitchen appliances.

We started looking for the best toaster available in the city, and even though the Dualit isn’t a new design (it looks unapologetically, yet fittingly, retro), the two- and four-slice models blend performance and style, making it our pick. When we asked one Toronto retailer about the Dualit, he dismissively scoffed, “Those toasters are so 20 years ago!” (Though he currently uses one himself.) But that is exactly the point—they have been a mainstay since the 1940s, consistently attracting discerning clientele, including, rumour has it, the Queen. The price is steep (the chrome two- and four-slicers are $330 and $430 respectively) because each one is handmade in the U.K., but also because of the Dualit’s unique features. For example, when the toast is ready, it doesn’t pop up, and that’s a good thing; instead, it sits in the casing, staying warm for up to 10 minutes.

Dualit toasters are available at Green Beanery, 565 Bloor St. W., 416-588-7700, ext. 249,

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