The ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide 2023

Including a Marie Antoinette–inspired cake, a buzzy new cookbook and low-waste lipstick

Mother’s Day isn’t really about the gifts: if you’re a partner buying on behalf of your kids, know that Mom likely just wants a day—or even a couple of hours—to herself, with zero whiny interruptions and unlimited reality TV. If you’re buying for your own mom, she probably wants to spend some quality time together while you’re not staring at your phone. That said, a good gift can only sweeten the deal. So we’ve rounded up a bunch of options for those looking to treat all kinds of maternal figures. Because, if anyone deserves what is essentially an extra birthday, it’s moms.

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Zen Retreat

Various prices For the mom who needs more than just a couple of hours to herself, Bloom Holistic Retreat is the ultimate place to unplug, unwind and temporarily forget about grocery lists and activity schedules. The light-filled, Scandinavian-inspired facility recently opened on a quiet lake north of Kingston, and it offers a roster of yoga, meditation and wellness retreats to choose from. |

Temporary tattoos


The melty face emoji has become emblematic of the daily grind of motherhood. Baby up all night long? Toddler refusing to put on pants? Tween whining about their packed lunch? Mom might see a tad more humour in these moments with a melty face stuck on her arm. Plus, it only lasts two weeks, which might serve to remind her of the impermanence of everything—even this chapter of tantrums and tears. |

Chalk-print scarf


Obakki, a brand that connects consumers to artisans around the globe, is popping up as part of Holt Renfrew’s H Project until May 21. This chalk-print scarf is handcrafted by families in a village in South Sudan, and proceeds from the sale go toward drilling new water wells in Africa. The striking piece will easily elevate Mom’s go-to jeans-and-tee uniform this spring. |

Buzzy cookbook


Alison Roman’s latest release is all about desserts—specifically ones that are easily put together yet mind-blowingly delicious. We recommend trying out one of the recipes with Mom instead of letting her whip up a salted lemon pie or caramelized tart while you lounge on the couch. |

Cozy throw


KOTN’s quilted throw is the perfect texture and weight for luring Mom to the couch for an impromptu movie night. And she’ll love how it oozes simple luxury when thrown over the back of an armchair. |

Blue-light glasses


and up If Mom is stuck in front of a computer screen all day, treating her to a stylish pair of specs that will help her see the fine print and save her sleep cycle will be much appreciated. Bailey Nelson now has the option to add a blue-light filter to any of its frames. We love this stylish blue acetate. |

Bold lip colour


This Cheekbone Beauty lip colour is the Indigenous-owned brand’s first vegan, low-waste product (each case can be refilled when it runs out). It’s super-pigmented yet buildable, with shea butter added for a moisturizing finish—an ideal choice for Mom’s new daily Zoom staple. |

Spring blouse


Mom’s spring wardrobe could likely use one more covetable piece to sport on rare kid-free outings. This delicate cotton eyelet blouse, hand-sewn in Toronto, certainly fits the bill. |

Tastier ACV


Gut health–obsessed moms will go wild for Acid League’s Living Tonics. This taster set includes three bottles of raw apple cider vinegar that’s been infused with additional ingredients, like chaga, sea buckthorn berries and manuka honey—which each have functional benefits of their own. Take a shot before meals to help with digestion and focus and reduce blood sugar spikes. |

On-theme book


In this heartwarming new release, Laura Dern and her mother, actor Diane Ladd, share some of the deep and wide-ranging conversations they had on a series of doctor-prescribed walks after Ladd was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. |

Whimsical cake


and up These high-demand cakes are inspired by Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. This Mother’s Day, let Mom channel her inner monarch, and indulge in the deliciousness while delegating tasks with a flick of the wrist. |

Artsy gift card

Various prices Ninth Editions is an online marketplace for cool, relatively affordable art by emerging artists. (It supplied many of the pieces for the new wing of the Drake Hotel.) If Mom still has your second-grade drawings hanging on the walls, she’ll appreciate the opportunity to upgrade. |

Wonder Woman matches


It’s always moodier to light those end-of-day scented candles with matches, and these ones will remind Mom that, however many toddler battles she's lost, she still runs the house. |

Playful placemats


These floral linen placemats may not be the most practical or kid-friendly, but they’re bound to make a splash at Mom’s next spring or summer dinner party. |