The List: 10 things filmmaker Peter Raymont can’t live without

The List: 10 things filmmaker Peter Raymont can’t live without

Peter Raymont’s Glenn Gould documentary, Genius Within, made the Oscar short list this year. Here, 10 things the roving filmmaker can’t live without

My status-symbol jacket
Only directors with films in the Sundance Film Festival are given the official parka; I got one in 2005 when Shake Hands With the Devil, my documentary about Roméo Dallaire, won the audience award. People have offered me money for it, but I would never sell it.

My office soundtrack
When I’m working, I listen to Glenn Gould’s Silver Jubilee Album, the fantastic 1980 edition of the Columbia recordings. My parents played his albums when I was growing up, and he never left my life.

My paddle
I’ve canoed all over Canada, and having a good paddle has made all the difference. Mine is cherrywood, and I’ve had it for over 20 years.

My point and shoot
I always keep my Canon PowerShot digital camera with me. This shot is the sunrise at my cottage on Stoney Lake.

Portrait of an artist
My late wife, Linda­lee Tracey, was a writer, filmmaker and former exotic dancer who died of breast cancer four years ago. I have a framed photo of her taken by V. Tony Hauser hanging in my living room, and one at the office, so that I can keep an eye on her, and she keeps an eye on me.

My morning pit stop
I go to Clafouti on Queen West, near my office, almost every day at 11. I order a croissant with sliced chicken and cranberries, or a Montreal bagel. I lived in Montreal for seven years—they are just as good as St-Viateur bagels.

My go-to cocktail
When I was in Chile working on a film about the formerly exiled writer Ariel Dorfman, he and I travelled all over the country. We always started dinner with a pisco sour, which is the national drink in Peru and Chile. You can get one at the Peruvian place on Harbord, the Boulevard Café.

My yoga fix
I started yoga at Downward Dog a few months ago, and I’ve become a total fanatic—I go every day. It helps with the middle-age creaking.

My signature accessories
I wear a Barbour fedora from Stollery’s every day so that people can find me in a crowd, and Frye boots—they’re incredibly comfortable.

My passport
I do a lot of international travel. I’ve been to Easter Island twice. It’s one of the most remote places on the planet, and I want to make a film there someday.

(Images: John Cullen)