Level up your gifting game with top picks for Super Mario fans

Level up your gifting game with top picks for Super Mario fans

Game on! Find the ideal Nintendo Switch game for everyone on your list

It’s a-me, Mario! Ready to unlock an exciting new world of epic exploration and adventure? Just in time for the holidays, Nintendo has released Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Super Mario RPG, available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

No matter the gamer you’re shopping for—a casual player, someone who likes to take their time and explore, or that ultra-competitive or adventurous game lover—these highly sought-after releases are guaranteed to satisfy the Super Mario mega-fan in your life and inspire a new generation to appreciate the world’s favourite plumber and his friends.

For explorers

Those who live for discovery will love the rush of excitement of exploring the Flower Kingdom. Discover new Power-Ups like Elephant Fruit, Bubble Flower and Drill Mushroom, plus so much more in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Tour seven worlds alongside a team of nostalgic characters, including Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy and Toads, helping to defeat Bowser and save the Flower Kingdom. Beware: the King of the Koopas has morphed into a flying castle using a Wonder Flower, causing chaos across the peaceful land, and it’s your mission to save the day.

New Wonder Flowers will trigger dramatic changes when touched—pipes may start to move, the terrain may tilt, your perspective can change or you might find yourself floating through space or transformed into a Goomba or a Spike-Ball! There’s also a secret Special World to access—if you can find it.

For adventurers

Lifelong Nintendo fans who play games solo to wind down and escape will thrive battling alongside Mario and friends to restore the Star Road and defeat the Smithy Gang in Super Mario RPG. This remake of the classic 1996 edition adds even more charm to the unexpected alliance between Mario, Bowser, Peach and original characters Mallow and Geno. 

Team up with eccentric allies to defeat unique enemies during turn-based battle sequences, complete with updated graphics and cinematics as well as a new matching soundtrack. But don’t worry if you love playing along with the original music—players can still select the 1996 soundtrack instead. There’s also an easy mode added for people who want to enjoy the story without feeling too challenged.

Faithfully restored to include all the moments gamers loved in the old game, it’s a blast from the past well worth gifting.

For casual gamers

For family and friends who enjoy the occasional game night, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the game for you! The game allows for players to leisurely travel through its seven worlds—Pipe-Rock Plateau, Fluff-Puff Peaks, Shining Falls, Sunbaked Desert, Fungi Mines, Deep Magma Bog and Petal Isles. 

Wander freely in open areas and select courses to play in whichever order you like, but be prepared for magical surprises and unpredictable twists. Bowser is wreaking havoc on the region and it’s your goal to stop him before it’s too late.

Up to four people can play together locally on the Nintendo Switch with additional Joy-Con or Pro controllers. And when playing online, see live shadows of others currently playing in the same area as you—or create a friend room to enter courses together and race to see who can finish the level fastest.

Quick tip for less-experienced gamers: play as Yoshi or Nabbit, as they don’t take damage.

For the competitive

If you know a gamer who loves challenges and team-based competition, Super Mario RPG is the ultimate pick, offering turned-based combat and high-energy action. Unlike its 1996 predecessor, this completely reimagined role-playing battle game allows players to expand on attacks and defence to add or decrease damage. 

New precisely timed hits can damage groups of enemies or protect Mario and his friends entirely. In addition, every perfectly timed hit is now added to an action gauge that, when full, can offer help from Toad or a triple-attack on enemies. And for the first time, there’s an opportunity to rematch any boss after you finish the game to help improve your skills and provide a more difficult challenge.

For generations, the Super Mario franchise has offered thrilling, family-friendly entertainment for those of all ages, and the latest Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Super Mario RPG games are no exception. Played on the Nintendo Switch system, these innovative games combine the best of the past with modern advantages, ensuring the ultimate gaming experience for any type of gamer.