Green City Shopping Guide

Sustainably sourced, planet-friendly, upcycled goodies for the climate-conscious consumer

Sustainable straws


The best option is to forgo straws altogether, but if you’re determined, this four-pack of coloured glass straws from Poketo makes for stylish, sustainable sipping. Bergo Designs, 28 Tank House Ln. |

Collapsible coffee cup


A silicone cup that comes with a heat sleeve, is dishwasher safe and fits easily in your purse. Plus, it’ll save you a dime at Starbucks. MEC, 300 Queen St. W. |

UV-blocking swimsuit


Simple and sexy Minnow bathing suits are handmade to order in a Parkdale studio using chlorine-resistant and UV-blocking fabrics produced from 78 per cent recycled plastics. |

Upcycled yoga pants


Every pair of boldly printed Inner Fire yoga pants is made in Vancouver using BPA-free recycled water bottles that are crushed down and spun into a soft yarn. |

Offcut Kidswear


Nudnik’s the Disruptor tees for kids are made from unused, offcut, landfill-bound organic cotton. Each size (1 to 6) comes in a different colourway, and all are gender neutral. |

Polyurethane Purse


The chic Crossbody Bag with gold hardware and croc-effect finish is a highlight of Ela’s relaunched collection, now made with solvent-based polyurethane instead of leather. |

Fair-trade shoes


Poppy Barley partners with family-owned shoe factories in Mexico and Brazil that offer workers a fair living wage and full-time permanent employment with benefits. |

Recycled skinnies


Triarchy’s organic and recycled cotton high-waist skinny jeans are made in an L.A. facility that uses 98 per cent less water than traditional denim laundries. |

Cellulose cargo coat


Uncle Studios’ slouchy, oversize cargo coat is made with lyocell, a hypoallergenic and extremely absorbent rayon fibre derived from sustainably sourced wood pulp cellulose. |

Plastic-free rain boots


Alice and Whittles’ boots are made from the sap of rubber trees in sustainable Sri Lankan forests. Plastic-free, waterproof and made with 80 per cent less energy than conventional boots. |

Repurposed leather backpack


Discarded leather seats from Air Canada’s Boeing 777 aircraft provide the source material for Mariclaro’s sleek but roomy Satellite backpack, which includes a laptop slot and two accessory pockets. |

Castoff leather messenger bag


Brave Soles’ messenger bag is made with castoff leather from furniture makers and features inside pockets made from the inner tubes of upcycled tires salvaged from dumps in the Dominican Republic. |

Post-consumer parka


PrimaLoft Gold synthetic fibre makes Wuxly’s Bay Street Parka more breathable and water-resistant than goose down, plus it’s made with 55 per cent post-consumer content. |

Salvaged wide-leg jeans


Tired jeans destined for the landfill are shredded, and the salvaged fibres are respun into new material for Frank and Oak’s Circular denim. The Nina wide-leg is high-waisted and cropped at the perfect length. |

Wool dryer balls


Canadian-wool dryer balls from Nurtured Sew reduce drying time by up to 50 per cent and minimize wrinkles—an eco win-win. Pretty Clean Shop, 3072 Dundas St. W. |

Beeswax food wrap


These multipurpose food wraps come coated in sustainably harvested beeswax from independent apiarists. Hanji Gifts, 619 Bloor St. W. |

Swedish Sponge Cloths


These absorbent cloths, the long-held secret of Nordic neat freaks, soak up as much as 15 times their weight. These, by Ten & Co., look cute doing it. Scout, 405 Roncesvalles Ave. |

Silk dental floss


For a next-level oral hygiene routine, this silk floss is as luxurious as it is eco-conscious (i.e., 100 per cent compostable). Logan and Finley, 670 Queen St. W. |

Refillable dish soap


This phosphate-free dish soap from Montreal’s the Unscented Company is easy on lakes and rivers and tough on grime. The bottle is refillable. |

Washable makeup removers


These multipurpose cotton-flannel swabs have serged edges that prevent fraying, and they can be washed and reused indefinitely. |

Biodegradable toilet brush


Cleaning the loo may be icky, but it needn’t be guilt-inducing, too. A plastic-free, zero-waste, biodegradable scrubber. Sustain Eco Store, 114 Main St. E., Huntsville |

Reusable pads


Absorbent, non-allergenic and machine washable, and they last for up to a decade. Plus, for every one of these Canadian-made pads purchased, the company will plant a tree. |

Walnut-shell scouring sponge


Vicious on dirty dishes and countertops but kind to the planet, this plant-based scouring pad by the B Corp–certified Full Circle gets its grit from pulverized walnut shells. Saponetti, 615C Brock Ave. |

Bamboo cutlery


A reusable bamboo cutlery set by Kingston-based company Boho and Hobo comes in a washable case so you can pop it in your bag after lunch. Unboxed Market, 1263 Dundas St. W. |

Climate tee


This cotton baseball shirt (translation: “school strike for climate”) pays tribute to Greta Thunberg’s now-iconic call to action. |

Cruelty-free puffer


The Montreal brand Matt and Nat was vegan before it was cool. Their quilted parka, stuffed with recycled polyester, is designed to keep your body warm and your conscience clear. |

Collapsible straw


The stainless-steel sipper—which comes in a pocket-friendly, pastel sheath—is an essential tool for our plastic-free future. |

Battery-powered speedboat


The stunning speedboat from Toronto brand Beau Lake is the ultimate in luxury (mahogany trim, Bluetooth speakers, built-in charcuterie board) and eco-friendliness (it’s powered by a lithium smart battery instead of fuel). |