A few of Toronto’s weirdest PokéStops

A few of Toronto’s weirdest PokéStops

The clever thing about Pokémon Go is the way it turns a city—any city—into a virtual world. Players can look at their phones and see “PokéStops” scattered across Toronto’s street grid. Each stop is a hub of activity, where players can stock up on virtual supplies and capture Pokémon for their collections. The game, officially released in Canada yesterday, is so popular that many of these locations are continually buzzing with visitors.

It’s unclear exactly how the game’s developer, Niantic, went about deciding where to place PokéStops. Many are found near public places, like parks or churches. Sometimes, though, they’re on random corners, near businesses or in front of people’s homes. And then there are the real outliers: PokéStops in places that are, let’s say, not Pikachu-approved. Here are the oddest ones we’ve found so far. If you know of any other weird ones, send them our way.

Caddy’s. Image from @nudnas/Twitter

The elderly Eglinton Avenue strip club is about to get a bit of extra foot traffic, thanks to a ringing endorsement from Pokémon Go. Come for the Squirtles, and stay for the… eh, never mind.

Location: Eglinton and Danforth


Zanzibar. Image from @bunnyhero/Twitter

Another classic Toronto strip club gets a boost! Brand synergy idea: have all the dancers do Pokémon cosplay.

Location: Yonge and Elm


Cumbrae’s. Image from @serahmarie/Twitter

A simple mistake, or a PokéStop caption writer with serious woman issues?

Location: Queen and Manning


Minion fire hydrant. Image from Mackenzie Manabat/Facebook
Minion Fire Hydrant

Pokemon Go creates an unintentional crossover with another cartoon series.

Location: Steeles Avenue, Scarborough


Drumstick man. Image from @zairagaudio/Twitter
Drumstick Man

And here’s an unintentional ice cream sponsorship.

Location: Somewhere downtown


Memorial plaque. Image from Shauna Chan/Facebook
A child’s memorial plaque

Kevin Latimer died in 2004 after falling out a window during a court-ordered visit with his father. The memorial plaque’s PokéStop status has his mother understandably upset.

Location: St. Luke’s Church, in Burlington