The most outrageous Halloween costumes from Toronto dogs

Tomorrow is All Hallow’s Eve, so here’s a roundup of the city’s cutest pups in their cutest costumes, all from last weekend’s Howloween at the Bentway.

This pious pooch would like to remind you that 30 scratches behind the ear counts as penance:

This doggie is the spitting image of Simba:

This prison pup should get out early on good-boy behaviour:

This pair of doggies are serving a bark-feast of champions:

Don’t be a drag—this Pink Flamingo looks Divine!

We could just eat him up:

Shiver me timbers, this salty dog is ready to star in Pi-ruffs of the Caribbean:


This other pirate dog is channelling its best Captain Hook:

If there’s somethin’ strange in the neighbourhood, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

These Top Gun Goldens have the need, the need for speed:

The only thing cuter than a real Ewok is this pup:

This Pennywise pooch is not clowning around—and he better get a treat soon:


Wolverine, where’s Paw-fessor X?

Mighty Thor: master of Mjolnir, ruler of As-bark:

Maybe they’d find this Where’s Waldo doggie faster with a tracking chip:

Tryouts for the next Oscar Meyer Weiner dog (fourth image):

This scene from The Simpsons comes to mind:


Wonder if this doggo’s favourite film is Lady and the Tramp :

The DC and Marvel universes collide here with Captain America and Superman samoyeds:

Two pup-kins:


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