Real Weddings: Inside an all-white affair at Graydon Hall with a bouncy castle and costumed hype man

Real Weddings: Inside an all-white affair at Graydon Hall with a bouncy castle and costumed hype man

Tiffany Ramsubick, a lawyer, and Victor Plange, a marketer, first met at a Halloween party on Dundas West in 2012. Plange, who was visiting from Copenhagen, dressed as Gordon Gekko from Wall Street. He spotted Ramsubick—disguised as a “provocative clown”—from across the room and was immediately smitten. They started long-distance dating soon after, and eventually moved to London (and later Singapore, where they currently reside) together. Plange popped the question on a surprise trip to Sicily last year. “We were staying at this magical biodynamic vineyard, and I was obsessed with this lobotomy podcast we were listening to,” says Ramsubick. “It was only after he lit a fire, drew a bath and proposed that I finally stopped pestering him about whether he’d take revenge on someone who lobotomized me.”

They decided to hold their nuptials in Toronto, near the bride’s family and friends, with the ultimate goal of leaving everyone “shook.” In a nod to Puff Daddy’s old-school white parties in Saint-Tropez, they enforced an all-white dress code and dined al fresco on Graydon Hall’s stone terrace. There wasn’t a single mellow moment in the evening, and the couple kept guests on their toes with surprise pitchers of mojitos during dinner, cash-shooting cannons during the dance party and a hype man dressed in a Japanese teddy bear costume.

Cheat sheet

Date: July 8, 2017
Photography: Avangard Photography
Bride’s Dresses: Custom Wang Meng, Jonathan Simkhai
Flowers: Coriander Girl
Groom’s Attire: Deboneire Bespoke, Tom Ford
Hair and Makeup: Georgia Ramman, Summer O’Grady
Venue: Graydon Hall Manor
Caterer: Graydon Hall Manor
Cake: The Wedding Cake Shoppe
Music: Impact DJ, Tdot Bangerz Brass
Choir: Leila Dey
Invitations: Designed by the couple
Planner: None
Guests: 130

The morning of the wedding, Plange (in the white T-shirt) and his groomsmen went for a shave at Barber and Co. on Ossington. Then they had lunch and pre-wedding cocktails at El Rey in Kensington:


Ramsubick, her nine bridesmaids, her mother and her mother-in-law got ready at a bridesmaid’s family home in Rosedale. Ramsubick is pictured here with her two sisters:


They were supposed to meet the boys in Kensington for a first look and photos, but hair and makeup for a dozen women took a few hours longer than expected, so they went straight to the venue:


Ramsubick wore a custom dress designed by Singapore designer Wang Meng. “I wanted to look as much like Rihanna as possible,” she says:


There was a pristine-looking bouncy castle at the venue. The couple couldn’t find a white version for rent, so they had one custom-made overseas. It took about four months to arrive. Now, it’ll stay in the bride’s family:


It was worth it for the epic photos. Here’s Plange and his groomsmen. He also had his suit custom-made by an up-and-coming Singaporean designer. “I knew I had to go all out to match my bride,” he says:


During the ceremony, a gospel quartet sang Willie Hutch’s “I Choose You” as the bride walked down the isle:


The bride’s grandfather, a Baptist minister, officiated the ceremony:


When he pronounced them husband and wife, he said, “You may now hug the bride”:


During pre-dinner cocktails, a hip-hop brass band played a version of Future’s “Mask Off”:


They chose Graydon Hall because they’d be able to eat dinner outside. Everyone sat at one long table. “Graydon Hall is spectacular. It’s like being at some really rich person’s cozy mansion,” says Ramsubick:


The aesthetic was tropical and minimalist. They didn’t want anything too traditional. “Sometimes centrepieces are so massive you’re like, ‘Are we at a wedding or in Jumanji?'” says Ramsubick:


Ramsubick’s family is from Trinidad and Tobago, so the couple served dishes like red snapper filet and cornmeal okra cake for dinner:


The tables were named after famous rappers:


Midway through dinner, wait staff brought out pitchers of mojitos:


Settling on a first dance song was tricky. Ramsubick wanted Frank Ocean, while Plange wanted a Swedish artist named José González. They compromised with Jeremih’s “Paradise” and grooved while everyone waved sparklers:


The cake was decorated with edible flowers:


The couple wanted to energize the crowd after dinner, so they hired a hype man. They ordered the teddy bear costume from Japan and put an ad on Craigslist asking for applicants to submit dancing videos. They went with a seriously enthusiastic candidate from Kingston, Ontario:


The original idea was to have the bear shoot fake cash while guests were dancing. But the costume’s paws rendered this impossible, so the couple’s siblings took over. The pair got faux bills custom-printed with their faces:

They stayed at the venue until 1 a.m., at which point everyone trekked to the bride’s family’s rooftop on Dundas West for an afterparty.