Some photos from Sunday’s van attack vigil

Some photos from Sunday’s van attack vigil

On Sunday night, thousands of people gathered at Mel Lastman Square, in North York, for a vigil to commemorate the victims of last week’s Yonge Street van attack. The evening’s musical performances and speeches from interfaith community leaders were intended to provide a moment of healing for a city rattled by random violence. Here’s what it looked like:

The evening’s hashtag was on the marquee at the Toronto Centre for the Arts:

Attended the #interfaith memorial #vigil with friends. Considering how much crying I did this past week, I'm actually surprised I didn't do it here though I did end up getting really close at more than one point. Especially when they started reciting the names of the ten who died. I should have gotten vids of the interfaith prayers though. There were speakers from several major religions– Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Christian– and many of them ended with a prayer from their faith, often in another language and despite not knowing the meaning, the words sounded so calming and beautiful and heartfelt each time. I also should have gotten a pic of the puppy who was giving free hugs at the vigil for @pocasmine, but I got nervous and shy with the owner there. Also-also I should have gotten free hugs from the puppy who was giving free hugs, but yeah… shy and nervous. #Toronto #TorontoStrong #TorontoTheGood #TorontoVigil #YongeFinch

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There was a strong turnout at Mel Lastman Squaure:

Flowers and trinkets brought by attendees became a colourful shrine:

The evening’s service was interfaith:

#TorontoStrong Vigil In honour of the victims of Monday's Younge Street tragedy.

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John Tory was there, along with Justin Trudeau and governor general Julie Payette:

Here’s Justin Trudeau adding to the memorial pile:

Premier Kathleen Wynne was there, as well:

And here’s an aerial view: