What people are saying about Markham’s rogue moose

What people are saying about Markham’s rogue moose

On Friday, a wild moose made an unscheduled visit to Markham, where it spent an afternoon dashing through yards and across roadways, to the delight and terror of residents. The moose went quiet after a daylong chase, and hasn’t been spotted since, but Twitter is still sorting through some complicated feelings about the whole incident. Here’s what people are saying.

Some people were struck by the Canadianness of it all:


But let us not forget that, for many Canadians, a loose moose is food:


There were many pictures and videos of the moose in action, including this shot of it casually leaning against a fence:


In case there was any doubt, the official advice is to stay away from the moose:




Some feared for the moose’s safety:


And, of course, some #brands got in on the frenzy:


Others speculated about the moose’s motives:


In the end, the only damage done was to the email inboxes of reporters: