“We never cook at home. We don’t have the time”: this couple earn over $200,000, and here’s how they spend it

By Julienne Bay| Photography by Erin Leydon
"We never cook at home. We don't have the time": this couple earn over $200,000, and here's how they spend it

Who: Anita Lai, 29, and Kyung Min Son, 31

What they do: Anita is a financial planner and analyst; Kyung Min is a quality assurance engineer.

What they make: Anita makes $110,000 plus $15,000 in bonuses. Kyung Min makes $88,000.

Where they live: A 620-square-foot condo in West Queen West that they bought for $350,000 in 2015.

What they spend in a month: Mortgage payments: $1,129. (They still need to pay off $265,000.) Maintenance fees and utilities: $421. Insurance for home and car: $208. Internet and cellphones: $179. Spotify: $15 for the family plan. Lease on a 2017 BMW 340i: $770. Gas: $220. Metropass for Anita: $146. Gym membership for both of them: $75. Savings for Kyung Min’s RRSP: $1,700. Charity for TVO and Red Cross: $42. (Kyung Min enjoys the programming on TVO and likes that the government matches Red Cross donations during crises.) Groceries: $100. (Mostly on cereal, yogurt and snacks. “It’s not worth it to cook at home because we always end up going out,” says Kyung Min. “Besides, we don’t have the time.”) Staff meals at Anita’s office: $120. Eating out: $1,200.

What they bought in a week: Night out appetizers and drinks with a couple they go out with regularly, at Harpers Landing in Oakville: $220. (“It was my turn to pay,” says Kyung Min.) iPhone case, a gift for Kyung Min’s sister: $80.57. A power bar and storage upgrade for Kyung Min’s computer: $410. (“My electronics spending spikes every now and then.”) A dress and shirt from Aritzia, and a pair of Toms for Anita: $124 total.

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