“All of my furniture is from Bunz”: how a 20-year-old hairdressing student gets by in Toronto

“All of my furniture is from Bunz”: how a 20-year-old hairdressing student gets by in Toronto

Photograph by Erin Leydon

Who: Drea Manasan, 20

What she does: Hairdressing student and salon apprentice

What she makes: About $22,000 a year ($840 monthly from part-time work at the salon and $1,000 monthly from her parents)

Where she lives: A three-bedroom apartment in Parkdale with two roommates

Regular expenses: Rent: $730 a month. “All of our furniture is from Bunz.” Utilities: $30 a month. Internet: $24 a month. Cellphone: $0. “It’s about $45 a month, but my parents pay for that right now.” Debt: $65 a month. “My credit card is maxed out at $2,000.” Transportation: $230 a month, for a student Metropass and cabs. “I take a taxi if I’m really late for school. I don’t use Uber because it’s connected to a credit card.” Groceries: $100 a month. “I don’t spend much. I usually just buy fruits, vegetables and bread.” Dining out: $305 a month. “Mostly soups from Tim Hortons or salads from Metro.” Cigarettes: $30 a month. “It depends on how much I go out, but I buy a pack every couple of weeks.” Savings: $50 a month. “I put $25 from every paycheque into my TFSA.” Spotify: $10 a month.

Recent splurges: Tuition: $20,000, for a 10-month hairstyling diploma at the Aveda Institute, which her parents are also subsidizing. Shoes: $140, for a pair of Dr. Martens. “Most of the shopping I do is window shopping. I usually wear the same clothes: black shirts and black pants for school.” Events: $50, for a ticket to a hair show. Makeup: $50, for BareMinerals cosmetics. Hair: $0. “I change my hair every two weeks, but I get it done for free at school, so I don’t have to worry about the costs.”

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