These couples got married at an adorable pop-up wedding chapel inside the Drake Hotel

These couples got married at an adorable pop-up wedding chapel inside the Drake Hotel

Big weddings aren’t for everyone. That’s why, this past weekend, nine Toronto couples eloped at a pop-up wedding chapel inside the Drake Hotel. Local wedding planner Lynzie Kent turned the Underground stage into an altar, where, for $600, couples wed in a tasteful ceremony, followed by a photo shoot at Trinity Bellwoods. The weddings will be featured in Kent’s upcoming Makeful channel TV series, Crazy Beautiful Weddings, and all the proceeds from the day went to Sketch, an arts charity for homeless youth. We asked a few of the couples why they opted for a simple ceremony.

Tania Kohut, 32, media worker, and Sean MacIntyre, 32, construction site manager

Tania: A lot of weddings these days become about more than two people joining together. This wedding took away a lot of that stress and BS. It was super-easy—we could be here with a close group of our friends and family, and I just trusted Lynzie to take care of all the little details.
Sean: We didn’t want all the stress of having to plan everything over a year, so this was very appealing: the small ceremony size, a great venue, the money went to charity. It hit all the right notes for us.


Kaylie Gordon, 27, nanny, and Andrew Subryan, 42, manager

Kaylie: We have a big wedding booked in Vegas, and we decided we wanted to do an elopement for just the two of us—something we could share together.
Andrew: I feel like we got the chance to make our own little fairy tale!


Pamela Quiroga, 33, policy worker, and Brandon Warkentine, 36, Labatt technologist

Pamela: We were always looking for a way to elope. Our families are from everywhere, and the thought of taking on a big wedding was overwhelming. Being able to do this was just a giant relief.
Brandon: What she said was perfect.
Pamela: That’s why I married him.


Andrea Vicencio, 32, nurse, and Aaron De Guzman, 34, restaurant general manager

Aaron: We wanted something small, simple, just with our family.
Andrea: This is our style. We’re here all the time!


Julia Forrester, 29, advertising worker, and Matt Smith, 30, manufacturing buyer

Julia: We’ve been together for a long time and got engaged about a year ago. This event was the perfect small way to celebrate with our family. Tomorrow, we’re having a barbecue at my parents’ house for extended family and friends, and then we’re planning a honeymoon for next summer.
Matt: It seemed like the best way to give her the wedding that she wanted.


Kelly List, 30, horse trainer, and Curtis Henhawke, 30, electrician

Kelly: We have a baby on the way, and we wanted to solidify our relationship.
Curtis: We don’t have a lot of time to plan a full wedding, so this was perfect for us.


Larry Theobalds, 63, screen printer, and Trisha Genereaux, 45, store manager

Trisha: It was spur of the moment, and we didn’t think we could get it done any other way.
Larry: This is just the way we do it!