Discover a Breakthrough in Smartphone Innovation with the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Discover a Breakthrough in Smartphone Innovation with the Samsung Galaxy Fold

The very first smartphone-tablet hybrid that is breaking boundaries in mobile innovation by offering new and improved capabilities like app multitasking, six cameras and two different view options via a foldable screen.

Fans of movie-watching, book-reading and gaming on-the-go know that it can be a tough choice between smartphone and tablet. While smartphones are conveniently portable and pocket-friendly, tablets provide that coveted large-screen experience, where more can be accomplished and viewed on one screen. But what if you could fulfill both needs in one? Samsung has created a new device unlike any other, defying its category and representing a breakthrough in technological innovation. Enter: the Galaxy Fold.

The smartphone has essentially maintained the same shape over the years, with the purpose of serving as a handheld communication device. Although their performance has vastly improved over the years, it has remained limited to a relatively smaller screen, motivating many to require a second and larger device, the tablet, in order to accomplish more and improve their experience. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the first device of its kind to merge the features and functionality of both, offering users the convenience of a smartphone with the display and capabilities of a tablet. The Infinity Flex Display offers two different view sizes and ultimate screen flexibility via a concealed hinging system, where the mechanics are encased within the device body for a smooth fold. Carefully constructed from a series of interlocking gears, the hinge is designed for maximum internal durability and minimal appearance when the screen folds out. Here’s how it works: the 4.6-inch cover display is the size of a standard smartphone, ideal for one-handed use and phone calls, while the unfolded, 7.3-inch main display provides a full, cinema-grade immersive view, just like a tablet. The Galaxy Fold is the first device to provide the best of both worlds, challenging the category and completely redefining the shape and performance of the typical smartphone.

While a larger screen is certainly an appealing feature for movie- and TV-watchers, the Galaxy Fold takes it even further to optimize viewing experience. The main display uses Local Tone Mapping to ensure that colours stay true on-screen, combined with an immersive view for the clearest, most vibrant picture. It’s also designed to block out blue light, keeping eyes from straining without sacrificing picture quality. Sound, of course, is equally as critical to the experience, so the Galaxy Fold’s dual-speaker sound system is enhanced by Dolby Atmos to provide vibrant, three-dimensional audio.

For camera users, which is practically everyone in our current digital era, having one built-in to the smartphone is a given. What consumers need now isn’t a device that simply takes photos, but one that offers the highest quality, brightest colours and widest range. The Galaxy Fold boasts not one but six cameras, built into the front and back of the phone, for maximum capturing capabilities. The rear side includes a 16MP Ultra-Wide Camera that picks up landscape scenes, which are typically impossible to see through a phone camera. The larger main display acts as a viewfinder with a 4:3 display ratio, showing the entire range of an image as it appears on the Ultra-Wide camera and taking the guesswork out of capturing far-reaching scenes. The 123 degree field of vision also allows for more perspective in one frame, resulting in clear, sweeping panoramic images. Two 12MP Wide-angle and Telephoto Cameras are ideal for displaying details in more zoomed-in frames, and when the phone is turned around, the dual front cameras use live focus and optional effects for beautiful self-portraits. Looking to capture video? The Galaxy Fold’s Super Steady feature predicts movement as you film, resulting in an ultra-smooth video, even if the conditions suggest otherwise.

We all know the feeling of looking up information or trying to watch a video on one application, and wanting the convenience of having another one open at the same time. Samsung is making this possible for the first time ever on a smartphone, thanks to the Multi-Active Window that utilizes the wide space of the main display by allowing users to open and run up to three apps at once – so you can watch a video, make a Google search and message a friend all at once. Alternatively, if you’re looking to switch displays while keeping a current app open, the app continuity feature ensures a seamless experience to avoid interruption when changing between the two views.

The Galaxy Fold launches exclusively at Samsung Experience Stores across Canada on December 6th, so don’t miss out on your chance to be one of the first to experience the breakthrough technology of this foldable smartphone-tablet hybrid. Be sure to go in-store to discover the most innovative smartphone on the market, with the features and benefits of a tablet so you can not only talk and text, but watch movies, switch between apps, play games and capture photos like never before.

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