What went down at TL Insider’s “Night of Money & Martinis”

What went down at TL Insider’s “Night of Money & Martinis”

What does a martini and investment portfolio have in common? A lot more than you think

Cocktail artisan and TL Insider bartender-in-residence Evelyn Chick welcomed members to her new private event space on October 21 for an evening of exceptional hospitality. Just a week following the Queen West pop-up venue’s official opening, Ahma (which translates to grandmother in Chinese) was the destination for TL Insider’s night of money and martinis—in collaboration with RBC InvestEase®.

Served with a wow-worthy display of charcuterie, members enjoyed two rounds of handcrafted martinis prepared by Evelyn herself. Starting with a choice of gin or vodka, she broke down the dos and don’t of martini-making during her crash course, which also covered the origin, variations and best garnishes of this signature cocktail.

Evelyn guiding Toronto Life’s Ken Hunt (left) and Michael Williams of RBC InvestEase through the steps of building the perfect martini. The unanimous favourite—a wet gin vodka with a twist of orange.

Hosted by Ken Hunt, President & Group Publisher of St. Joseph Media, the evening’s topic of discussion transitioned from the ingredients of a strong martini to the ingredients of a strong portfolio with an investing presentation led by Michael Williams. Director of Portfolio Advisors at RBC InvestEase, Michael presented to members some smart ways to start investing, along with advice on how to make the most of robo-advising platforms like RBC InvestEase.

Michael Williams, Director, Portfolio Advisors, RBC InvestEase presenting to TL Insiders at Ahma.

“The DIY approach to investing, which includes a traditional stock brokerage account and the personal management of your assets, requires time and knowledge. I have the knowledge but I don’t have the time,” shared Williams. “This is why more Canadians, including myself, use a robo-advisor to manage investments.”

He went on to share the design of RBC’s digital investing platform as well as how it combines elements of a digital investment platform with a traditional advisor. It provides the best of both worlds with both human experts and automated programming available. “Usually, when you go to a traditional investment advisor, that’s when you need more specialized services and can run into higher barrier-to-entry circumstances, making the investing process less accessible,” said Williams. Whereas an RBC InvestEase account can be opened with no minimum balance, and have users investing with as little as $100*.

Following his presentation, Williams answered a variety of audience questions, from the trends of financial technology to the factors RBC InvestEase uses to determine an investor profile including risk tolerance, capacity to take on risk and how long they intend to keep their money invested.

Throughout the evening, members mingled over canapés including crispy taro spring rolls, veggie toasties and beef tartare. As one of the first in-person events for TL Insider this fall, it was an opportunity for reconnecting and networking in a beautiful space and sociable atmosphere.

Scroll down for a closer look at what went down, and visit RBC InvestEase to learn more about how you start investing with a robo-advisor today.

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* Your money will not be invested until your account balance reaches $100 or more. Small balances (less than $1,500) may be allocated to a Small Balance portfolio that invests in a limited selection of RBC iShares ETFs and/or cash. Our Small Balance portfolios follow similar risk profiles to our Standard Portfolios while investing in fewer RBC iShares ETFs.

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