What went down at the TL Insider Fireside Chat with Dr. Traj Nibber

What went down at the TL Insider Fireside Chat with Dr. Traj Nibber

How much do you really know about your medicine cabinet? While it can become habitual to reach for common medications to tackle headaches or muscle soreness, it’s important to know that there are other options to keep our bodies in check. 

On June 9, Dr. Traj Nibber, founder and CEO of Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR), joined TL Insider for an informative Fireside Chat on the role of formulated supplements in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In conversation with Chantal Roy, director of membership services at St. Joseph Media, Dr. Nibber discussed the origins of his business, the efficacy of such natural health care solutions, as well as some of the common myths to unlearn about supplements. 

Having begun his career as a pharmacist, Traj shifted his focus to the world of vitamins during the height of the AIDS crisis in Canada. “There was a serious demand for alternative medicines that were hard to find,” he says. “This was one of the first instances where I realized the possibilities of what nature is capable of.”

As AOR marks its 30th anniversary this year, Traj shared with TL Insider some of his best tips for entrepreneurs getting started today. “Forget about the idea of greatness, and instead focus on the steps you are willing to take every day in achieving your goals,” he says. “You should never compromise your principles, so that when you look back on your career you can be proud of what you did.”

Topics of interest to Traj include the liver, cardiovascular health and anti-aging. He dove into the importance of providing his clients with novel products, carefully formulated for efficacy and optimal safety. “They [supplements] are not magic and it would be damaging to think they are, but they are not useless either,” said Traj. He covered the importance of bioavailability in the supplements you seek, and how to access the right research to be sure you are not buying into misinformation.

Amidst a pandemic, Canadians are seeking ways to keep themselves fit and healthy. Having witnessed the benefits himself, Traj considers vitamins to be an important part of maintaining that health. “I believe in a disciplined lifestyle. Exercise and good sleep are two of the most important things you can do for your health. Natural supplements and vitamins are an additional step to ensure your health is the best it can be,” he says. He went on to share some of the most valuable supplements AOR carries that many everyday shoppers may not be familiar with, including strontium and a variety of nitrates (commonly found in dark, leafy greens).

It can be tough to differentiate health fads and valuable nutrition in the world of wellness. For TL Insiders, the open Q&A with Traj was an opportunity to delve into the facts of this market in full transparency. He answered questions that addressed ingredients to look out for, what his daily regimen looks like, as well as some details of the 60-plus collaborations AOR has undertaken with educational institutions and researchers.

Watch the recorded event here to access Dr. Traj Nibber’s exclusive TL Insider Fireside Chat in its full capacity.