Whisky in a can: what will they think of next?

Whisky in a can: what will they think of next?

An appropriate receptacle for whisky (Image: Steven Lilley)

It’s been 76 years since the humble metal can made its debut as a beer receptacle—today marks the anniversary, incidentally—and devoted beer enthusiasts have rued the day ever since. Well, it’s happening again, this time to a spirit that’s sure to incite a stronger backlash from purists: whisky. A new product from Panama is peddling straight-up whisky in a can (you know, for a quick pick-me-up when a bottle of Macallan might easily break, like while figure skating, perhaps).

The idea is being tested in South American and Caribbean markets, so it’s probably still a long way from catching on in these parts—but we’re guessing it won’t, anyway. “The can is the perfect size to be shared between three people who can mix it with other things like cola,” the chief executive of Scottish Spirits, the far-from-Scottish company behind the can, told the Daily Mail. Probably not a great idea to imply the whisky needs a little help from a friend.

Not surprisingly, the Scotch Whisky Association is already looking to ban it. And despite cheesy attempts to class the product up (the label touts the booze as a “very rare blend” of “first quality”), we’re guessing the pop of an opening can is slightly incongruous with the accoutrements of a proper scotch-drinking evening: a crystal snifter, wingback chair and hopefully, a robe.

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