Wanted: German cannibal restaurant seeks pound of (human) flesh

Wanted: German cannibal restaurant seeks pound of (human) flesh

The original cannibal foodie

A soon-to-open restaurant in Berlin (home of all things weird and Hostel-ish) is taking recipe advice from Hannibal Lecter. According to The Guardian, Filme is advertising in German newspapers and on television to ask diners to sacrifice limbs and has put out a call for an “open-minded surgeon” to moonlight as the butcher. The question is, What is this Internet hoax really selling? A new Eli Roth movie? An art student’s final year project? Life insurance?

Anyway, the restaurant, opening September 8, says the menu is inspired by Wari tradition; the indigenous Brazilian tribe practised cannibalism. The menu includes such Portuguese dishes as figado ao feijao mulatinho, or liver with butter beans (what, no favas?), and feijoada, which is a “variety of meat” with black beans and rice, though the menu doesn’t specify what kind of meat it uses.

The creepy part is in the “membership” section of the site: donors are asked to fill out a form with their medical history and lifestyle information. We’re calling a hoax. For one thing, wouldn’t the police be all over this? Also, we’re still waiting out a recession—the last thing the world needs is a restaurant that costs an arm and a leg. Ba-donk-cha.

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