Totally Recalled: Another day, another E. coli warning

Totally Recalled: Another day, another E. coli warning

The products: Ground Beef—Fresh (9.07 kg package) and Country Fried Style Breaded Beef Steak Chopped and Formed (3.90 kg package)

Establishment numbers: 761 and 530, respectively

Product codes: 55362 and 50988, respectively

Production date codes: 11 JL 01–12 FE 16 and 08 SEP 11–17 FEB 12

The details: Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you probably already know the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is in the midst of an investigation into beef contamination that just keeps getting bigger. The latest recall: fresh ground beef made primarily for burger chain Five Guys, and breaded steak, which was sold to various hotels, restaurants and other institutions. Both of these are—you guessed it!—the creations of New Food Classics, which, as we pointed out last week, already has its fair share of stuff to worry about (the latter product came from their St. Catharines facility, the first from that plant to be implicated). The CFIA says the products “have been distributed nationally through restaurant and institutional establishments,” which means we’re steering clear of any, um, country fried–style breaded beef steak, chopped and formed, we come across on menus. [CFIA]